Wrote an extremely widely known and beloved poem, seems to have been the sole theorist of later-proven astronomy while scientists were caught off guard... appropriately credited for neither ;_; I'm glad you have the proof for this theory so at least you may get that recognition!

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Not exactly on this topic, but have you seen this work that dark energy might actually be vacuum energy in black holes https://phys.org/news/2023-02-scientists-evidence-black-holes-source.html

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Has anyone ever told you that you have a way with words? Well, they were right!

This is a very cool project, and I love the approach. Most people do not act like the world is perfectly reducible. When we ask the big questions, it's odd that we assume strict materialism. Why is there something rather than nothing, right?

I particularly like that you are making public predictions. I would be interested in whether physicists agree that a) your predictions were outliers b) they would have falsified your idea. Knowing so little, it's hard for me to evaluate that.

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Love the insights you shared here. It's so fascinating to learn more about the true nature of galaxy formation in our universe.

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"So the James Webb Space Telescope will basically see galaxies with active galactic nuclei (ie, quasars and jets) all the way back, because those active nuclei come first and are what form galaxies.”

Love this line.

Congrats man! This is awesome news. I know a few sci-fi folk who got slammed for having 'early galaxies' in their stories for being 'unrealistic'

Glad they never edited them out ;)

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I don't know enough about the fine structure constant or quasars to know how they create carbonic galaxies, but finite energy/mass would result in an eventual limit to these "baby universes". It's curious you have also said "13.8 billion years", even though I've heard this estimate has already increased a few times. I think efficient mechanics aimed at creating carbon-based lifeforms is a surer sign of design than evolution, so I felt I had to share this eloquent Minecraft 'start poem' as a tongue-in-cheek explanation of surprising cosmological timescales:

"Simulating the world for a bit..."


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